The Sinister, Scary Impact of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The events and issues surrounding the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has created a suite of scary and sinister concerns for international travel, mobility, security and risk managers as a result. malaysia used car Many do not yet understand the full implications this event will have on the world. The issues range from technology deficiencies, crisis management, capable threat sources, news reporting to aviation security and management. Also a few new issues we examine here that will also impact the future of travellers and managers alike. For those charged with the preparation and management of people and assets affected, this will assist you in your analysis and future planning.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1659601238271 Proton X70 Bolsters Proton Suv Stronghold

Many more people are now looking at all the associated issues now, some for the first time. What the world now knows about a number of related issues they once took for granted or simply did not have the interest in, now concerns them immensely. Rightly so!

Technology Deficiencies: Airplanes Vs Smartphones

If aeroplanes were cars, most people wouldn’t’ buy them. An alarming number of aircraft are 10, 20, 30 years or more old that are still servicing commercial and domestic routes. The technology available on most aircraft is much more dated than last year’s smartphone technology, including emergency communications and monitoring systems. Not to mention the lack of international integration for those that have better, more capable technology solutions.

There is a common misperception that aviation technology is evolving at similar rate to commercial technology as seen in computers, phones, cars, and so on. When in fact, this just isn’t the case at all. It is not just the aircraft that is dated but also the supporting systems such as radar, communications, reporting and access to databases as well. While the assumption is that it all works just fine, when there are no incidents or scandals, it is often not a topic of discussion or concern until one or more incidents occur and many more become aware of what industry insiders have been aware of and lobbying to change for some time.

Coincidence and Causation: Lag indicators are not future assurances

2012 and 2013 were celebrated as two of the safest years in aviation history. The problem with this fact is that the end result isn’t qualified nor specified as the result of deliberate actions that created the outcome or if it was just a series of random coincidences the peaked during these times. There are more airlines, more flights, more destinations, more pilots, and more travellers each and every year, which is placing significant burden on all the associated elements in different ways, at different times with vastly different consequences. The reality is, despite recorded incidents and data, aviation health,safety, security and risk management is not 100% controlled and incidents and events will and do happen, with often catastrophic results.

Airspace Management: World access and 100% monitored?

They average layman is under the impression there are super computers tracking every air movement across the globe and all centrally accessible, verifiable and accurate at any moment in time. They saw it on their iPhone app or desktop computer through a website so it must be the same for both commercial and military air traffic control too, right?

A growing number of reports and observations have revealed that take off and landing are really the only closely monitored and interactive stages of domestic and international air movements. Some locations still have bulletin boards to alert pilots and providers of changes to the airspace on given days or locations and civil and military systems do not interact or focus upon or even see the same data. What happens and what is monitored in the hours between take off and landing, is not that consistent nor is it universal the world over.

We had noted and commented in an earlier article on Australia’s airspace interoperatbility shortly before the official news converage also.

The fact remains, people or an incident was able to make a large, modern aircraft with over 200 souls aboard disappear without a trace while the entire world watched on, despite all the current technology and monitoring available to civil and military agencies.

Who’s watching?: NSA and other global overwatch perceptions

Many have become agitated and appalled by the Snowden revelations around civil and social monitoring programs. Everyone therefore believes that everything is monitored at all times and acted upon. This is not true nor realistic either. If that true, all storms would be reported to the affected before they struck, murder victims warned of the impending threat and all accidents such as aircraft crashes would be captured, reported and responded to before the aircraft actually crashed.

Despite what most people and even informed professional believed, many presumably important activities such as aviation movements are not monitored in real time, at all times and reported or acted upon in the event of the slightest variation. Even finding data or related information after the fact can be difficult or impossible. Not to mention that even if there were data on certain events, the data, source and means of collection would never be made public in the interest of protecting secrets.

Despite apps and desktop/online portals for getting access to airline schedules, tracking flights, aviation statistics and even in-flight radio transmissions, the volume of data, channels and activity in a single minute of any day, 24/7 is a staggering number and a long, long way off before there is anything close to achieving real time, universal monitoring and access of such activities. The bad guys know this too.

Warning Signs: Related, studied, rehearsed or coincidence?

Within the first couple of months of 2014 there were already a couple of key events, involving aviation safety and security that are related to Malaysia Airlines MH370.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702 was significant not because it involved the alleged hijacking of an aircraft heading to the EU and a major capital city but because the story was not released by professional or government agencies and it involved one of the crew as the alleged hijacker. Online enthusiasts, rank amateurs and other crowdsourced intelligence where responsible for the identification, reporting and tracking of the incident which in turn fed the international news community. If not for this happenstance and skilled online community coming together at that particular time and seeing the incident through until conclusion, it would have just been a single line news updates online or during the evening news. Disenfranchised crew members also took many buy surprise as a potential source for misappropriate use of an aircraft.


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