Picking the right laptop can be quite a challenge

With so many choices of models, categories, and niche models of laptops to pick from, picking the right laptop can be quite a challenge. To make it easier We’ve created a set of easy laptop buying rules that will guide you.

Who are you? : Most laptop users fall into five main categories namely students, the business traveler, designers/photographers, gaming fans and the home users. If you’re one of the above categories, it’s easier since most laptops are categorized according to these users. If you’re not sure , read the following article.

Students: The typical student has a limited budget. How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost It’s just something light, compact and can run for a long time with a single battery. The ideal laptop for students is an Intel Atom powered 11-inch netbook equipped with a 6-cell battery as well as 1GB of RAM. However, it’s not equipped with enough ability to run two to three applications at the same time, or play games or HD movies.

Business Travelers: Business travelers typically has a larger budget, and often takes frequent business trips, and has important files or documents on laptops. These users need very robust and secure laptops that can handle presentations as well as withstand the pressures of traveling. A 12-to-15-inch laptop equipped with the Intel VPro platform as well as TPM capabilities fits the bill here. A majority of the vendors like Lenovo and Dell have laptops that are TPM compatible, and certain laptops are shockproof, dust-proof and spill-proof.

Designers/Photographers: Photographers and designers all work with multimedia. They need laptops that have a bit more processing power, discrete graphics for video and image processing, and at least 500GB of storage capacity to manage all the multimedia files.

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