How to Convert Your Car to Run on Water

Everyday, thousands get online to search for terms like “how to convert car to run on water” or “hydrogen fuel cell”. It should not come as a surprise to anybody. After all, with rising costs of petrol and gasoline, it can become quite unbearable for cheap the average income family.BoroTech Glass Upright Bubbler

In case you have the wrong idea, it does not mean dismantling the entire motor system and refurbish or to redesign it. What this conversion does is simply to add on an extra device to the engine to allow your vehicle to burn water to improve its performance.

To add to that, gasoline is still needed. This device I was referring to is called a HHO hydrogen generator kit or H2O fuel cell. It splits H2O into HHO, also called Brown’s Gas. This gaseous compound is then injected into the carburetor to be channeled into the combustion chambers. With the right proportions, the gasoline-Brown’s Gas mix and burn thoroughly. This releases untapped energy levels to run our automobiles.

Now that we have a clearer picture, it is time to look at the process of conversion. There are mainly 3 steps. The first being to get a guide that details hydrogen generator kit plans, the second being to buy the parts and thirdly is to assemble them.

There are plenty of guides out there that lead the user by the hand to assemble such a system. There are both free and paid ones. We have studied different guides and found only a few handful paid manuals that really provided systems that work. All differ in pricings. Many of the free guides are either outdated or are at best theoretical in nature. A tip here is to read the testimonials of users as well as reviews to choose a suitable one.

The second step is to buy the parts. A bubbler, electrolyzer and liquid reservoir are the main components. You will realize that the parts will probably cost anything between $60 and $200. They can all be bought from hardware stores. The reason for the wide range is the difference in brand and price of the items. Also, some are optional peripherals. The casing is another item that varies in price.

Numerous companies offer a wide range of water fuel conversion kits for different kinds of vehicles. There are many companies that offer complete DIY manuals, both online or offline, to install these kits successfully in the vehicles. All you need is to select the best water fuel conversion kit for you. The following tips for choosing the best water fueled conversion system will help you in selecting the right kit:

Prefer fuel conversion units with coiled electrode wire technology instead of spiraled plates or flat plate technology. Coiled electrode wire technology generates magnetic field which improves water electrolysis and reduces the consumption of power.

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