Disavow Tool: Using the Google Disavow Links Tool

The disavow tool, or more correctly, the Google Disavow Links tool, should be used wisely. This is a useful tool for those who rely on backlinks and Buy Google Reviews Google PageRank as an important aspect of their SEO. However, it is essential that it is used as Google intended.

Anybody seriously involved in search engine optimization (SEO) should have registered their websites with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). This is easy to do – simply Google the term and you will be walked through it. The webpage teaches you a lot about several Google tools, including authorship, the G+ button and the disavow tool.

Good and Bad Backlinks

During the life of your website it can attract many links back to various pages on your site, either by accident or design. The beneficial backlinks are those where the content on the linking page relates to the content on your own page. These provide what is known colloquially as ‘link juice,’ or points towards your Google PageRank.

The name PageRank only accidentally relates to web pages, since it was named after Larry Page, who founded Google along with Sergey Brin. It was developed in 1996, and Google was published in 1998, so PageRank was an integral part of the search engine ranking system. It relates to the number of links from other web pages to yours – the more the better.

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