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Internet has changed the lives of people in many ways. People all over the world use different virtual services to accomplish their work with greater ease than ever. SAAS or Software as a Service is one such concept that has created a new genre of businesses. The SAAS developers earn millions by selling their computer-designed automated solutions. The revenue stream is passive in nature. Once the initial development has been completed the only thing you need to do is market your software-based services to create an income that is passive for the remainder of your life.

Here, you will explore the way that software-based services can earn generate a significant amount DORA metrics of cash online. The steps and tips discussed here are given my some of the market leaders and experts:

How To Generate Passive Income From A Service-Oriented Software – A 101 Guide

A service-oriented software can simplify and streamline many business processes. Many major companies have incorporated at least one or two such services to make their operations faster and more efficient. Learn how to develop a software that can be used as a service provider and then sell the services and earn passive income from it.

1. First, you need to research the market, your customers, demands of such services and also your competition. Market research is crucial as it can only help to choose the ideal product to develop. It is also possible to hire an expert in marketing to assist you with this.

#2 Once you have completed studying the market you need to begin developing the software. You must hire a few experts to assist you. If you’re not a tech guy, you’ll require an entire team of programmers and software developers who can work for you!

3. During the development phase it is necessary to create the marketing strategy as well. It is important to contact several news agencies as well as media companies to help promote the message. You’ll need to prepare pricing plans depending on the market research you’ve made earlier.

4. Once the product has been developed, it’s time to conduct some test runs. It is important to verify that everything works flawlessly before you can begin selling the product. You can utilize the SAAS to start your company and then look into the issues if any. In this phase you must also have an idea how the subscriptions are working.

#5 Once you’ve passed this stage, you’ll start getting queries from business leads. Potential clients will approach you to find out more information about your product or service that you have to provide. Make sure you have all the answers to their queries. This will help you find a few clients and get a kick start.

#6 At this stage, you will start making money auto-pilot. You’ll start to earn targeted traffic from different sources and receive new leads. What you have to do is simply educate them about your great service-oriented product before signing the contract. It is possible to hire executive, customer service professionals and technical staff to help make all office processes automated.

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